CADRe First Panel
Dan Sheer (President, Hydrologics), Hal Cardwell (Director, Center for Public Participation and Conflict Resolution, US Army Corps of Engineers), Allyson Beall (Washington State University), and Gail Bingham (President Emeritus, RESOLVE) discuss lessons learned from decades of experience in collaborative modeling for decision support during an American Water Resources Association symposium (November 2013.)

Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support

Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support (CMDS) is an approach to decision-making where parties negotiate agreements by communicating through a mutually developed and accepted computer simulation model. The approach refers to various efforts to integrate two rapidly-growing, but largely distinct, approaches to decision-making: negotiating/bargaining as a means of resolving water resources decision-making disputes, and development of computer-based systems models intended to support water resource management. Various projects have applied this approach in a variety of circumstances.

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Various specific applications of Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support:

Word of Art of Various Applications


Latest Events

Collaborative modeling experts joined with water resources professionals for a full-day symposium on November 6, 2013, regarding lessons learned from 30 years of collaborative modeling for decision support.

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